Expert Custom Fitting

Every golfer is different from the next, whether it is your physical build or the way you swing the club. This means that golf clubs are not one size fits all, you need a set of clubs you can trust to fit you and your golfing needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single digit handicapper or you’re new to the game, custom fitting can help you achieve your goals as a golfer and perform better on the course. Having a set built specifically to match your swing can help you improve ball flight, ball striking, distance, feel and more.

Taylormade and Ping Golf Club Fitting at staddon heights golf club

The two brands we offer for fitting are PING and Taylormade, both brands are industry leaders with equipment for all levels of golfer. Having both of these brands available gives us confidence that we can fit you into the best possible set we can.

We strive for the best customer experience when giving any service and that doesn't stop with custom fitting. Our main aim is to make you feel comfortable, allowing you to swing your swing and give us the best chance to fit you into the best equipment.

We understand that this can be a big deal for a lot of golfers so we aim to give you as much information as we can to allow you to be confident you are making the right choice. We want you to understand which clubs you have been fit for and why. This means we will talk you through each variation of the club we are testing with you and break down each decision. You can trust that we want the best for you and your golf game and love hearing people come and give us feedback on how their new clubs feel.

Taylormade and Ping Golf Club Fitting at staddon heights golf club

Gap Testing

A Trackman gapping session involves gathering data through your bag, recording both carry and total distance for each club. If yardage inconsistencies appear between irons we can make loft adjustments to iron out problem yardages.

The benefit of a Gap test is knowing your average yardages allowing you to be confident in which club to choose on every shot. A gap test will also identify if you are missing a club in the bag for a certain yardage or opposite, have an extra club that you may not need in your bag.

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Taylormade and Ping Golf Club Fitting at staddon heights golf club

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